Saturday, April 11, 2009

Packing: If it's not on the list, don't put it in the bag!

Lists--- the backbone of many a busy person! In my case, I need them to stay organized and focused. Packing for a trip is just one of many areas in which I live by a list.

Creating a list ahead of time gives you a plan to follow rather than haphazardly throwing items in a pile to be packed. It helps to ensure that you remember everything necessary. Otherwise, part of your vacation will be spent wasting time buying overpriced replacements for what you forgot. Not fun!

An issue I fight myself on is not filling any empty space I have in my luggage once everything on the list is packed. I hear it’s a common problem with many travelers. I’m going to promise myself here and now to try harder to fight the urge to fill that space. If it’s not on the list, it does not go in the bags! Besides, leaving a bit empty gives you a lighter load to your destination and some space for souvenirs on the way home!

Break the list down by what bag into which your items will be placed. This will keep you more organized so that you won’t later be ransacking through your bags to look for wayward objects.

Once you’re finished packing, put your list in your carry-on bag. If your luggage gets lost during the trip, filing a claim for what is missing will take less time and the claim will be more precise.

After your trip, evaluate your list. Add anything you wish had been on it and remove what wasn’t necessary. Now you have a list from which to work for future trips rather than your having to reinvent the proverbial wheel each time!

One of our wonderful clients shared her packing list form with us in case it could be of help to others. You are welcome to download a free copy of the form which can be found in the "Travel Tools" section of

Packing may never be the most fun activity, but you can keep it from being an overwhelming chore when you’re already busy trying to tie up lose ends at work and home so you can get going on your trip!

~ Connie & your Access Travel Team

P.S. If your sense of humor is a bit on the Abbott and Costello side, you might enjoy getting a video lesson on packing by watching "Mr. Bean Packing" at .